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Morehouse Clevis Assemblies are used to calibrate dynamometers, load links, tension rods, crane scales, or other weighing devices.   The assemblies can be used with Morehouse Quick change Tension Members to minimize error by improving tension alignment.

Morehouse Clevis Assemblies


·         For Traction Dynamometers such as those manufactured by Dillon & Chatillon

·         For Dillon ED –2000, Ed Jr, and Ed Extreme electronic dynamometer

·         For Measurement Systems International (MSI) Dynalinks

·         For any crane scale, dynomometer, tension links, tension rods, or other weighing devices.

We have over 100 different types of clevis assemblies.  Please download our adapter guide under documentation for a complete list.

Bulletin271-18.pdf Download
QCTM-Guide-274R2_20161110.pdf Download