ANALOG RING FORCE GAUGE, Accurate to 0.5 % of full-scale capacity

ANALOG RING FORCE GAUGE, Accurate to 0.5 % of full-scale capacity

General Description

A simple, reliable, and low-cost force measurement instrument for use where high accuracy certified load cells or proving rings are not required. It is constructed of an elastic steel-alloy load ring with a precision dial indicator that gives a direct reading in engineering units (lbf/kN/KGF). Also available with a digital indicator. The Ring Force Gauge is supplied with tapped holes in the external bosses so it can be fitted with adapters, accessories, mounting brackets, or base plates. Standard fittings are supplied with both compression and tension models. Capacities are 2 to 1,000,000 lbf, or equivalent metric capacities. If height requirements are tight, we also offer a Low Profile Ring Force Gauge. 


Calibration of testing machines, weighing devices, assembly presses, control instruments, cable tension, soil testing, or other equipment measuring force. Also as a prime weighing device or permanent load-sensing component in testing or production equipment. High reliability, long service life, and simple function make the ring force gauge an excellent choice in many applications.  Click here to see illustrated examples.

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