Torque Calibration Services – “More Exact”

Highly Accurate Torque Calibration

Featuring the first and only National Standard for torque in North America (verified by NPL through intercomparisons with other NMIs).

Dead weight torque calibration up to 1475 lbf-ft (2kN-m), with an accuracy of 0.002 % of applied torque.

The machine currently at Morehouse was once the National Torque Standard for the United Kingdom. NPL has commissioned this machine at our facility in York, PA making Morehouse the home to the only national torque standard in North America.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology does not currently offer torque calibration and no other lab in the US can match the accuracy of 0.002 % of applied torque. There are very few labs in the world that can match this accuracy.  A comparison with other NMIs can be downloaded here .  Video can be viewed here .

Morehouse Torque Calibration

From the tightening of wheel nuts on an automobile to the assembly of caps for pill bottles, or maximizing the output of an internal combustion engine, the accurate measurement of torque is essential to North American Industry. The machine at Morehouse will be used to calibrate transfer devices and disseminate the unit of torque within industry. It provides the ability to accurately verify torque systems through an unbroken chain of traceability to a NMI (National Metrology Institute).

Our torque standards laboratory has facilities used for calibrating from 0.5 lbf-ft  through 1,475 lbf-ft (1 N-m to 2kN-m), or its equivalent in Kilograms force or Newtons. All torque standards used by Morehouse comply with ASTM specification E2428. Detailed information about our torque machine can be downloaded here.

We offer ASTM E2428 calibrations as well as other standards.  Below is a recent PT demonstrating the Measurement Process at Morehouse is stable and  0.003 % of applied torque or better is being achieved.  The full report can be downloaded here.

Highly Accurate Torque

2015 PT test showing the Measurement Process at Morehouse is capable of achieving 0.003 % of applied or better

The force and torque calibration facilities and procedures are documented in a controlled Quality Assurance Program Manual that provides for the requirements of the following: