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Morehouse Versatile Cable Tensiometer and Force-Measuring Instrument Calibrator



Figure 1 Morehouse 2,000 lbf Cable Tensiometer

At Morehouse Instrument Company, we’re justifiably very proud of our new 2,000 lbf Cable Tensiometer Model PCM-2MD-T1. You can see in figure 1 (above) that our new Tensiometer calibrator provides a safe and practical way to calibrate cable tensiometers.   The machine is built with safety, ease of use, and versatility to calibrate several force-measuring instruments in mind.  First, let’s discuss safety when calibrating tensiometers.   The machine allows for testing of cables of up to five feet in length with a safety shield that allows the operator to clamp the cable tensiometer when the appropriate force point is achieved.  The picture shows a mounted computer with Morehouse software that can display reading in engineering units such as lbf, kgf, N and more.  The operation is simple as the appropriate clevises are included where the operator can attach to any load cell directly with a 5/8”-18 male adapter (preferable a Morehouse one).  Other load cells can be used but require an additional adapter.  Normal operation has the user adjust the frame using our easy latch system, fixturing the cable and then loading the cable and load cell to the appropriate force.   Typical operation is for the user to apply the force and clamp the cable tensiometer prior to reaching the force point and then continuing to apply the force until the desired force point is met.   When the cable tensiometer is clamped unto two fixed points, the force increases, therefore, it is quite common to apply 480 lbf, clamp the cable tensiometer and have 499 lbf applied.   At which point, the end user would turn the wheel very slightly to apply 500.00 lbf.   Calibrating cable tensiometers is quick, accurate, and effortless. 



Figure 2 Morehouse Tensiometer load cell to load cell calibration

Speaking of accuracy, the Morehouse Tensiometer is accurate and versatile enough to calibrate several instruments from 5 lbf to 2,000 lbf.  The unit can be used to perform calibrations of load cells in accordance with ASTM E74 and ISO 376.  The unit often has an accuracy of better than 0.03 % of the applied force.  This accuracy is largely dependent upon the number of load cells used.  It is generally recommended that a load cell be used for every 20 to 30 % of the range one wished to cover to achieve the optimal accuracy.   If enough load cells are purchased typically a 2,000 lbf, a 500 lbf, and a 100 lbf cell, the end-user should be able to calibrate most devices from 5 lbf through 2,000 lbf while maintaining very good test uncertainty ratios (TUR’s).   For ASTM E74 and ISO 376 calibrations, an additional 25 lbf load cell should be considered.


Figure 3 Morehouse Tensiometer Dynamomter Calibration

When we designed this new calibrator, we asked ourselves what do force labs need to calibrate besides cable tensiometers that our 2,000 lbf portable calibration machine may not allow.  The answer was most larger dynamometers such as those with shackles or larger crane scales.  We had the height to allow for these types of calibrations but not the width.   Therefore, our engineering team expanded the dimensions of the base.  The machine's versatility in adjusting the height allows for calibration of more instruments than our portable unit and features the same fine control as low as 0.005 lbf. 


Morehouse knows the key to achieving good calibrations is to make sure any force machine is designed to be plumb, level, square, and designed to keep the line of force pure from eccentric loads using the proper adapter configurations.  The cable tensiometer is built with these principles as well as the following features:

Tensiometer Calibrating Machine, Model PCM-2MD-T1 can calibrate cable tension meters up to 2000 lbf capacity

Clear safety shield on all 4 sides makes calibrating tensiometers safe 

Eliminates the need for carrying and stacking hand weights by technicians

Tensiometer calibration performed on long cable sizes (up to 5 ft) for maximum accuracy and repeatability

Calibrates other large and small force instruments including load cells, crane scales, handheld force gauges, dynamometers, ring force gauges, etc.

A quick adjustment of the calibration space opening for switching to new setups

High accuracy force reference standards calibrated with Morehouse deadweight systems

Several adapters and fixtures available for calibrating different types of instruments.

Adapter sets for hand-held force gauges, different size load cells, and tension links are available

Provides exceptionally fine control on the applied force to calibrate at any desired force point

Compatible with Morehouse Adaptable Clevis Kits for calibrating several types of dynamometers and crane scales with only one set of clevises

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Everything we do, we believe in changing how people think about force and torque calibration.  Morehouse believes in thinking differently about force and torque calibration and equipment.  We challenge the "just calibrate it" mentality by educating our customers on what matters, what causes significant errors, and focus on reducing them.  Morehouse makes our products simple to use and user-friendly.  And we happen to make great force equipment and provide unparalleled calibration services.  

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