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This article is intended to give a brief history of Morehouse Instrument Company and Information about what Morehouse is beyond force and torque measurement.

Morehouse has been in business since March 15, 1920. The company started as a local machine shop. Mr. Morehouse owned the company, and Harry E Zumbrun worked with him. When Mr. Morehouse passed away, Harry E Zumbrun acquired the business. Since Harry E Zumbrun had acquired Morehouse, five generations have worked or continue to work for the company, four have been president. Harry E. Zumbrun 1930's- 1940's, Henry A Zumbrun The 1950s-1980s, Harry E Zumbrun 1990's - 2000's, Henry A Zumbrun 2015 - Current.

Henry A Zumbrun is a fourth-generation leader and current president of Morehouse Instrument Company. He credits the success of the company to the employees of Morehouse, the Customers of Morehouse, and to offering products with the lowest measurement uncertainties available. Ultimately, this helps the Morehouse customer base make more accurate measurements, which saves on cost, reduces risk, and increases quality.