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Morehouse is committed to helping your company lower measurement risk by lowering your equipment uncertainties for force and torque. For over 95 years, we have been successful in providing the right calibration services and products for various organizations, including commercial labs, government labs, and anyone in the industry requiring accurate force or torque measurements. Our key to success is offering products with the lowest measurement uncertainties available. Ultimately, this helps our customer base make more accurate measurements, which save costs, reduce risk, and increase quality. The products we design are in line with customer requirements, lean principles, and six sigma principles, and are within best measurement practices guidelines. As a customer-oriented business, we welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Since 1925, when it became obvious force measuring systems of engineering materials strength testing machines and metal hardness testers should be periodically calibrated, Morehouse Instrument Company developed and perfected instruments and machines for that purpose, eventually including the Proving Ring. In later years, with the advent of rocket and jet engines, and the need for precise measurement of thrust generated by these engines, Morehouse further designed and developed instruments and machines for the calibration of those thrust measuring systems. Today, Morehouse is the world leader in precise and unquestionable force measurements and force calibration, with all calibrations traceable directly to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and certified accordingly.

Morehouse Instrument Co. can be of service to you whether you want to establish your complete in house force standards laboratory, or require periodic calibration of your load cells or other force measuring instruments from 0.1 lbf to 2,250,000 lbf. Offering dead weight calibration up to 120,000 lbf.

In 2004 Morehouse Instrument Company finished construction of its new force calibration lab. This lab features a 120,000 LBF Morehouse Dead Weight Machine which allows us to give the best possible calibration to our customers. Not only does this new machine allow us to give our customers the best possible calibration, it also allows us to calibrate primary standards up to 120,000 lbf at a fraction of the cost other calibration labs charge.

In 2010 Morehouse Instrument Company finished construction of its Primary Torque Calibration Lab. The torque machine built by NPL gives Morehouse the privilege of being the second most accurate laboratory in the world for torque calibrations from 1 N-m through 2000 N-m (PTB has the lowest overall uncertainty).

  1. We helped a cardboard manufacturer decrease failure rates by designing a customized force gauge to do sanity checks.
  2. We helped NASA find a non load cell solution by using a nickel coated proving ring to help Astronauts set the appropriate exercise forces.
  3. Our engineering team helped a company build a 6,000,000 lbf press to figure out drive problems caused by using the wrong type of threads.
  4. We reduced a company's measurement process errors by a factor of 10 by providing the appropriate load cell type for their critical "top secret" application.
  5. We helped a brake testing company improve their measurement process by providing specialty self-aligning adapters to decrease the measurement error.
  6. We helped NIST stabilize some deadweight stacks by providing an air bladder stabilization kit.
  7. We helped a space center setup their rocket thrust testing by manufacturing a 1,000,000 lbf calibrating machine and special calibration adapters.
  8. We helped the United States Air Force improve their measurement process and safety by designing a machine to test cable tensiometers.
  9. We helped several state laboratories by designing a machine to calibrate two wheel load scales simultaneously.
  10. We helped NPL in India by building a custom 50,000 N deadweight primary standard to support proper dissemination of force throughout India.
  11. We reduced calibration and downtime costs to a testing machine manufacturer by providing two deadweight machines which enables them to perform calibrations on site.
  12. We have helped several medical companies by providing fixtures for proper calibration of multi axis load and torque cells.
  13. We have helped several field calibration companies reduce travel and calibration costs by providing several highly accurate and lightweight load cells for calibration of various testing machines.
  14. We have taught over two hundred and growing individuals proper force calibration technicians to improve their measurement process and reduce their measurement risk.
  15. Morehouse has worked to educate anyone seeking help on measurement errors and how to properly do Calibration and Measurement Capability Budgets.
  16. We have volunteered our time to teach classes at NCSLI to better educate people on the importance of torque and force calibration, and the hidden errors.
  17. Morehouse has fixed several load cell systems and readouts from other manufacturers which were severely out of tolerance, allowing customers to resume making proper measurements again.
  18. We have helped several companies lower their measurement errors and reduce recalls on equipment by preventing the problems before they occur.
  19. Morehouse has worked with defense contractors and high level labs by pivoting proficiency tests that lead to improvement in measurements by several participants.
  20. Morehouse worked with a major calibration provider to straighten out their knowledge of ASTM E74 and correct the shortcomings in reporting and measurement practices.
  21. Morehouse helped a calibration lab standardize their entire line of force adapters which resulted in lower equipment cost and faster change over time.
  22. We helped the United States Navy setup a torque proficiency testing program.
  23. Morehouse worked with the lifting and rigging industry to spread awareness on pin size is critical to reduce measurement errors from 1.7 to less than 0.1 percent on those following the proper procedures.
  24. We have worked with oil and gas industry to setup calibration standards for up to 6,000,000 lbf ASTM E4 type calibrations.
  25. We helped a fiber optic lab measure the material loss during the materiial heat treating process
  26. We tried to bring back the mustache! - This one we did not do. This list was made in about 15 minutes and we are missing probably a thousand more. We would certainly like to explore helping you with your measurement needs.
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