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Morehouse DSC-USB is a USB powered load cell indicator. When paired with a computer and Morehouse software the DSC-USB  is a true direct reading system.  The system uses coefficients from the calibration report so when 10,000 lbf is applied, the system will read 10,000 lbf +/- the lower limit factor.

Morehouse DSC–USB


Morehouse DSC-USB, is a load cell indicator for true direct reading load cell system, which is powered through a USB port. This system is currently being replaced by the higher accuracy "HADI" system above, but is still supported and available for a somewhat lower cost system.


·       For calibration of load cells, testing machines, and other force or torque systems

·       Direct reading according to ASTM E74 and ASTM E2428

·       System is fully USB powered, eliminating excess power cables

·       ASTM Class A lower limits better than 2 % when paired with Morehouse Ultra-Precision Load Cells

Note: Morehouse DSC-USB system requires a computer to be powered and display load data.  The DSC-USB system with software complies with ASTM E74, E2428, and ISO 376.  Accreditation bodies require compliance with the standards. The DSC-USB system with Morehouse software eliminates the need to use load tables, excel reports, and other interpolation methods to ensure compliance with these standards.

DSC-USB Indicator Datasheet PD-4112.pdf Download