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Do a full test on a load cell in a very short time.   The Morehouse Load Cell Tester can diagnose whether the load cell is good or bad in less than 10 seconds. This product tests the strain gage bridge of a load cell to ensure the signal output is what it should be.   This product is best suited for companies with several load cells who want to spend less time guessing where the issues are. 

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Morehouse Load Cell Tester


When load cells have problems, identify the nature of the problem becomes an urgent matter. A technician's time is valuable, this device will save time and money when problems do arise. The instrument will also reduce misidentification of equipment faults and their respective causes; so corrective actions can be more effectively implemented. Several labs using the load cell tester have saved countless hours of unnecessary troubleshooting. Anyone needing to diagnose load cell issues will benefit from having a load cell tester.

Morehouse Load Cell Tester features:

·       Input and output resistance

·       Resistance difference between sense and excitation leads

·       Signal output

·       Shield to bridge

·       Body to bridge

·       Shield to body

Load Cell Tester Model LCT - Ultimate Datasheet PD-4901.pdf Download