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Morehouse Ring Force Gauges are an easy to use force measuring instrument.   Simply setup the device, apply a force, and make a measurement known to within 0.5 % of the rings capacity.   This device can be used as a verification standard to extend calibration intervals and for calibration of other force measuring instrumentation.

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Ring Force Gauges


A simple, reliable, and low-cost force measurement instrument for use where high accuracy certified load cells, proving rings, or digital force gages are not required. These devices are accurate to 0.5 % of full scale and can be used to extend calibration intervals of testing machines. Morehouse Ring Force Gauge provides a simplistic and accurate method for monitoring a measurement process, calibrating other force measuring instruments or verifying a machine in calibration. 


·         Available in capacities of up to 1,000,000 lbf

·         Available in a lower profile model for limited height applications

·         Available in tension or compression

·         Available in both tension and compression (push/pull model)


Ring Force Gauges can be utilized to calibrate and verify weighing devices, assembly presses, control instruments, cable tension, soil testing, or other-equipment measuring force. High reliability, long service life, and simple function make the Ring Force Gauge an excellent choice in many applications.   Note: Morehouse Digital Force Gages are more accurate than analog versions and better for applications that do not involve long duration tests where power is not available or radioactive tests.    

Ring Force Gauges Manual PM-2121.pdf Download
Ring Force Gauges Model 5BT Datasheet PD-2122.pdf Download
Ring Force Gauges Model 5C Datasheet PD-2121.pdf Download
Ring Force Gauges Model 5TC Datasheet PD-2123.pdf Download