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An easy to use, cost-effective, hydraulic force calibration system that lasts for generations. Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines (UCM) built in the 1950s are still operating today.   The Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine can be used to calibrate both Tension and Compression instruments in accordance with ASTM E74, ISO 376, and other internationally recognized force standards.

Universal Calibrating Machine (UCM)


A cost-effective, generation-lasting machine, for those not needing expensive automated solutions that often do not work due to the nature of the instruments being calibrated. An automated machine will not allow the technician to calibrate analog devices or devices without some sort of data communication. These machines often cost 50 % less than the fully automated solutions offered from other manufacturers. Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines operate efficiently with very low operational and maintenance cost. Accessories such as quick change tension members, tension member adapters, alignment bushings, and studs are available to help adapt load cells of many varieties for calibration. Optional hydraulic power control with an auxiliary screw pump is recommended for capacities over 60,000 lbf.


Notable features include:


·         Facilitates both compression and tension calibration

·         Reference standard will need calibration in compression mode only (This reduces lifetime ownership cost when compared with machines requiring the reference standard to  be calibrated in tension and compression)

·         Accommodates different size load cells and crane scales

·         When used with standards calibrated to ASTM E74 with a Class AA range, ASTM E74 Class A loading ranges can be assigned 

·         When used with standards calibrated to ISO 376 Class 00, the machine is capable of calibrating instruments to Class 0.5 

·         Design assures axial loading

·         No error from friction loss

·         Matches the accuracy of the reference standard

·         Expanded uncertainties of better than 0.02 % of the applied force, when used with several Morehouse Ultra-Precision Load Cells calibrated using deadweight primary standards

·         Easy to use; training takes less than one hour

·         Capacities from 100 lbf through 3,000,000 lbf (13.3 MN). 


If you are looking for an accurate, easy to use, cost-effective machine, the Morehouse UCM will exceed your needs.   

Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine can be used to calibrate the following force-proving instruments:

Washer Load Cell, Universal Load Cell, Low Capacity Load Cell, Multi-Axis Load Cells, Miniature Load Cells, Button Load Cell, S-Beam Load Cell, Type Load Cell. Strain Gage Load Cell, General Purpose Load Cell, Load Cell, Force Transducer, Digital Force Gauge, Hand Held Force Gage, Force Gage, Dynamometers, Crane Scales, and more.

* All models available for operation on 220 VAC, 50 Hz.

Adaptable Clevis Kits 12 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5904.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 120 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5907.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 30 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5905.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 60 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5906.pdf Download
Auxiliary Hydraulic Screw Pump Instrcuction Manual PM-5252 .pdf Download
Hydraulic Hand Pump and Jack Instruction Manual PM-5220.pdf Download
Hydraulic Power Control Instruction Manual PM-5251.pdf Download
Quick Change Adapters for Tension Force Calibration Guide PG-5901.pdf Download
Universal Calibrating Machine UCM Guide PG-5201.pdf Download
Universal Calibrating Machines UCM Datasheet PD-5201.pdf Download
Universal Calibrating Machines UCM Manual PM-5201.pdf Download

  • Mick Footner, 08/01/2017, 10:56
    Manager, Rocket Motor Firing Facility

    Thanks for the assistance. All went well. We rebuilt our seals with the Morehouse seal kit and our now able to match all four channels on two dual bridge load cells to better than 0.05 %.