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The most accurate force standard with accuracies of 0.002 % of applied force.  Morehouse Deadweight Machines are for those concerned with measurement risk and maintaining a 4:1 Test Uncertainty Ratio(T.U.R.) on force measuring instruments with a tolerance of 0.05 % or better.  

General Information

All Morehouse Deadweight Calibrating Machines make full use of the accuracy of deadweights and are true primary standards. This means there are no multipliers (hydraulic or otherwise), levers, or flexures between the weights of the calibrator and the instrument to be calibrated.

Calibration Capability

These machines are capable of calibrating ISO 376 Class 00, ASTM E74 Class AA, AS 2193 Class AA, and other force measuring devices requiring the utmost accuracy. These include load cells, proving rings, crane scales, force gages, dynamometers, and several other force measuring devices.


Deadweight machines start at $70,000.00 USD.

Pricing is often dependent on the size of the machine, cost of calibration of the weights, material of weights, number of weights, engineering costs, and freight. Typical pricing is around $25.00 - $50.00 per lbf for higher capacity MH machines. When the accuracy of deadweight is not required, our Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine with accuracies of better than 0.02 % of applied, may be an acceptable alternative. The UCM machines of 100K and under range from $20 - $50K, depending on options. 


All weights are adjusted to better than 0.002 %, of their nominal value and are calibrated and certified either directly traceable to SI units through an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab or directly by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

Additional Specifications

  • Tension and Compression 

  • Controlled via touchscreen 

  • Custom designs available

  • Clean operation with 15 PSI air pressure

  • The only standard available to calibrate load cells with tolerances of 0.005 %

Deadweight Calibrating Machine Guide PG-5101.pdf Download