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Improve your measurement process, save space, and reduce the long-term cost of purchasing many adapters for each instrument you need to calibrate.   These adapters help eliminate errors from eccentric forces or side loads by complying with the Annex in the ISO 376 standard. 

Morehouse quick change adapters are used for tension calibrations in universal calibrating, deadweight, and universal testing machines to save time and rework by making connections easier and more efficient. The threaded adapter kits used with these adapters can be used to standardize both compression and tension calibration.

These adapters can be manufactured to work in almost any force or Universal Tensile Machine.

Morehouse Quick Change Tension Member Adapters

Reducing changeover time allows for a more efficient calibration process that does not sacrifice quality while improving cycle time. Moreover, shorter cycle time allows for improvements regarding on-time delivery, lowered cost of excess inventory, and increase in machine capacity levels.   
Quick Change Tension Members and Adapters help with the following:

·         Reduce tension changeover time

·         Improve alignment by using a spherical radius contact as defined by ISO 376  (note below)

·         Improve alignment and better repeatability

·         Reduce overall calibration cycle time

·         Simplify setups by using one tension member with several adapters

·         Standardize production flow

·         Fit for use with additional clevis assemblies to calibrate crane scales

·         Rust resistance helps keep things clean

·         Can be used with Morehouse load cells to calibrate Universal Tensile Machines to the ASTM E4 and ISO 7500 standards.

·         Available for capacities up to 500kN or 112,000 lbf (large capacities can be built to order)

Quick Change Adapters are available in various capacities and sizes.   Common size kits are 12K, 30K, 60K, 120K.  We can make tension member assemblies and clevises for capacities up to 1.000.000 lbf (4.4 MN). Morehouse Quick Change Tension Members and Adapters are guaranteed to improve your measurement process and your bottom line. 

See product guide under documentation for full specifications.  These parts can be made to order in any size.

120 KLBF Tension Adapter Value Kit Datasheet PD-5940.pdf Download
30 KLBF Tension Adapter Value Kit Datasheet PD-5942.pdf Download
60 KLBF Tension Adapter Value Kit Datasheet PD-5941.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 12 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5904.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 120 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5907.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 30 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5905.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 60 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5906.pdf Download
Quick Change Adapters for Tension Force Calibration Guide PG-5901.pdf Download