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Designed to improve alignment, simplify setups,  and minimize measurement errors.   Adapters are manufactured for almost any compression load cell.  We have hundreds of compression adapters and recommend contacting us for information about compression adapters for your load cells and applications.

Morehouse Compression Adapters

  • Soft Steel Load Pad & Hardened Steel Bearing Plates
  • Load Ball Adapters for UCM and for Load Cells
  • Load Cell Ball Clip Adapters and Load Cell Alignment Plugs and Adapter Plate
  • Proving Ring Adapter Plate
  • Spherical Load Buttons and Alignment Bearing Block
  • Load Ball Adapter For Universal Calibrating Machine & Load Cell Ball Adapter
  • Ball Retainer Clips For Morehouse Proving Rings & Load Balls
  • Morehouse Proving Ring Alignment Block
  • Threaded Alignment Bearing Block
  • Proving Ring Alignment Bushing
  • Load Cell Locating Plugs & Load Cell Alignment Adapter
  • And many more...

We have hundreds of adapters.  Please download bulletin 271-18 found under the documentation tab.

Bulletin271-18.pdf Download