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With accuracies, better than 0.01 % of full scale, Morehouse Precision Load Cells are the standard of choice for field measurements in accordance with ASTM E4 and ISO 7500 wanting to do more with less equipment.   

Common capacities are in stock now!


Morehouse Precision Load Cells


When high accuracy and low risk are critical, customers rely on Morehouse Precision Load Cells. These strain gage type load cells are often the choice for companies making field measurements in accordance with ASTM E4 and ISO 7500. Lower uncertainties allow for fewer standards to maintain. A typical Morehouse Precision Load Cell system will cover a verified range of 4 % to 100 % of the system capacity. For instance, to achieve a calibration range of 40 lbf through 600,000 lbf, only three load cells would be required: A 600,000 lbf, a 25,000 lbf, and a 1,000 lbf load cell.


Product features and usage specifications:


·       Field use where transporting fewer standards provides cost savings

·       Applications where side load sensitivity is critical

·       As reference standard used to calibrate other load cells

·       ISO 376 standard meeting Class 0.5 requirements

·       To calibrate to ASTM E4 with an ASTM Class A verified range of forces better than 4 % of capacity

·       Fewer standards to maintain will significantly lower lifetime ownership costs

A common issue with most load cells is the connector breaking. This often results in repair and/or another calibration of the load cell. This is not a problem with Morehouse load cells.

Morehouse Precision Load Cells come with a connector protector and are available in capacities from 300 lbf up to 110,000 lbf (500 kN).   After 110,000 lbf, load cells can be made to order.   Since physical weight increases to over 100 lbs after 110,000 lbf, we recommend Morehouse Multi-Column Load Cells for any capacity above 200,000 lbf.

Precision Shear Web Load Cells Datasheet PD-2202.pdf Download
Shear Web Load Cells Selection Guide PG-2200.pdf Download

  • Robin Shuten, 02/22/2017, 01:34
    Quality Manager

    We are extremely satisfied with our new load cells! We used them for some December calibrations and they met the requirements we purchased them for which relieved a great deal of stress.