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An exceptionally stable and accurate amplifier with high versatility which can help make your industrial control, or automation system more effective.

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LAC (Load Cell Amplifier for Controllers)


LAC is a universal analog amplifier designed for static/semi-dynamic force measurement applications in industrial environments. What makes Morehouse LAC unique is its high accuracy and stability compared to the regular amplifiers available in the market. These features become more important for force measurement applications when compared to other measurements since application of load in industrial setups often involves some vibration. The exceptional accuracy and stability of LAC enables you to get the best out of your force measurement instrument, and make programming your control system much easier.


Morehouse LAC features:


·         Offers extreme stability and security in hostile, industrial environments

·         Both Bipolar voltage output ±10V, and current output 0-20 or 4-20mA

·         Zero, span, and filter settings performed via firm DIP switches in binary organized steps and fine trimmed by 20 turn pots to achieve a very high resolution

·         Both voltage and current output are available at the same time to allow for dual readouts at two locations

·         Can drive up to 8 Pc 350-ohm load cells, or 24 Pc 1000-ohm load cells

·         Wide range of gain and virtually no zero drift enables a live range down to a few percent of the load cell's rating

·         Wide range of selectable low pass input filters from 33 to 0.33Hz to meet any requirement

·         AC excitation voltage (425Hz) cancels influence from EMI and thermos-electric forces from wire joints

·         Low 2.5V excitation voltage effectively prevent load cell warm up errors

·         Wide supply voltage range and the isolated power supply underline the electrically robustness

·         The layout of the front and the LED indicators ease the setup and calibration

·         LAC can be clipped on to various DIN rails and offers robust screw terminals for all connections