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Save 20 % off the price of individual items on these tension adapter value kits. These versatile kits, with 120 klbf, 60 klbf, 30 klbf, and 12 klbf capacities, improve your measurement process, save space, and reduce the long-term cost of purchasing many adapters for each instrument you need to calibrate.  The design helps eliminate errors from eccentric forces or side loads by complying with the annex in the ISO 376 standard. The kit can be manufactured to work with any calibrating machine for force calibration in tension mode and includes all the thread sizes for most of the common instruments on the market. 

Morehouse Quick-Change Tension Adapter Value Kits


This kit of Quick-Change Tension Adapters includes all the tension members and tension adapters needed to perform force calibration in tension in one of Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines, or any other device designed for force calibration. The swiveling tension members are mounted on the tension side of the calibrating machine and various adapters are used to install the unit under test into the machine. Take advantage of this offer at 20 % lower price than the price for individual items, plus save on changeover time, adapters cost, and possibilities of adding any other tension adapters, clevises, or rod ends to the kit in the future.


The kits features:


·         20 % saving on the cost when ordering the full kit

·         Various maximum capacities available: 120 klbf, 60 klbf, 30 klbf, 12 klbf

·         Reduce tension changeover time and overall calibration cycle time

·         Easier and faster setup for calibration technicians

·         Improve alignment by using a spherical radius contact as defined by ISO 376

·         Simplify setups by using one tension member with several adapters

·         Fit for use with additional clevis assemblies to calibrate crane scales, tension links, and dynamometers

·         Rust-resistance black oxide coating on all parts helps keep things clean