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Minimize user error, achieve higher accuracy, and take benefit from several other built-in features with Morehouse Digital Force Gauges. These instruments display the applied force value directly and do not need an interpretation table. Morehouse analog Ring Force Gauges can also be upgraded to the new digital system.

Digital Force Gauges


Morehouse Digital Force Gauges offer high reliability and user-friendliness for a variety of force measurement applications. The instrument features a built-in indicator and can be used to verify test machines, weighing systems, or used to measure applied forces in various configurations. The digital indicator displays the applied force values directly in engineering units and does not need an interpretation table to convert reading. Digital Force Gauges offer several features in a convenient, compact, and easy-to-use package.


You can also upgrade your existing Morehouse analog Ring Force Gauge to the new digital system to take advantage of the higher accuracy, better performance, and all the other features of the new system.


Morehouse Digital Force Gauges feature:


·       Accuracy of 0.2 - 0.5 % of full scale (New 2019 models are 0.2 % of full scale from 1000 lbf capacities and 0.5 % on capacities below 1000 lbf)

·       Direct display of force in engineering units

·       Max Hold option for both compression and tension modes

·       Force Freeze button

·       Available in various capacities up to 1,000,000 lbf

·       Available in compression-only or compression/tension models

·       TIR function displays the difference between the maximum and minimum applied forces

·       TIR function also stores Max and Min forces in memory for varying load applications

·       Auto-Off function; expected battery life exceeds 300 hours; easy battery change;   

·       Calibrated using Morehouse deadweight standards up to 120,000 lbf


Digital Force Gauge Flyer MF-2150.pdf Download
Digital Force Gauge Model RFG-DC Datasheet PD-2150.pdf Download
Digital Force Gauge Model RFG-DT Datasheet PD-2151.pdf Download
Digital Force Gauges Model RFG-DC and Model RFG-DT Manual PM-2150.pdf Download