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Save 25 % off the price of individual parts on tension adapter kit which was designed to be used in Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine. This kit allows calibrating a large variety of force instruments in tension mode up to 2000 lbf. 

Portable Calibrating Machine Adapter Value Kit


This tension adapter kit was designed specifically for using with Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine to perform force calibration in tension mode. The adapters are utilized to mount the unit under test into Portable Calibrating Machine and prepare a tension setup. The kit includes several thread sizes found in most commonly used force instruments available in the market, within capacities up to 2000 lbf. These adapters combined with the Quick-Change Adapter system built into Portable Calibrating Machine help with force alignment and improve your calibration results. The kit features:


·         25 % saving on the cost when ordered as the full kit

·         Reduce tension changeover time, and overall calibration cycle time

·         Easier and faster setup for calibration technicians

·         Improve alignment by using a spherical radius contact built into Portable Calibrating Machine

·         Simplify setups by using the Portable Calibrating Machine coupling nut with several adapters

·         Rust-resistance black oxide coating on all parts helps keep things clean

Portable Calibrating Machine Guide PG-5401.pdf Download