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Save big on our Patent Pending clevis adapters cost with this kit which can calibrate numerous instruments from different manufacturers with only one set of clevises. The kit includes different pins with diameters specified by the manufacturer of each instrument to ensure the most accurate and reproducible calibration. The kit is expandable and additional pins can be added to be used with the same clevis set.

Adaptable Clevis Value Kit (Patent Pending)


Each kit includes one set of clevises and a number of pins with different diameters to calibrate various instruments in tension mode such as dynamometers, crane scales, and tension links. Each pin is manufactured to the diameter specified by the manufacture of each instrument to eliminate the reading errors that can be generated from inconsistencies in the pin size. Kits are available at various capacities (120 klbf, 60 klbf, 30 klbf, and 12 klbf) and can be used with Morehouse Quick-Change Tension Adapters system for maximum versatility and user-friendliness. These kits eliminate the need for purchasing several clevises and yield remarkable savings in terms of adapters cost, storage space, and process improvement. Visit the DOCUMENTATION page for the complete list of instruments which can be calibrated by Adaptable Clevis Value Kits.


Each kits feature:

·         One set of clevises and multiple pins with various diameters

·         Protective rollers for the pins subjected to concentrated loading from shackles

·         Precision manufacturing to ensure levelness, alignment, and manufacturer’s specified pin diameters

·         Significant savings in adapters cost for force calibration labs

·         Can be used with Quick-Change Tension Adapters for improved alignment and easier setup

·         Fast changeover between units under test by using the same clevis and changing the pins

·         Rust-resistant black oxide coating on all parts

Adaptable Clevis Kits 12 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5904.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 120 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5907.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 30 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5905.pdf Download
Adaptable Clevis Kits 60 klbf Capacity Datasheet PD-5906.pdf Download