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The New Morehouse GB2 High Stability "close to" direct reading measurement indicator can meet the portability, sensitivity, and stability demands for field use with strain gage-based load cell instrumentation.   This indicator is recommended for rugged environments or when "close to" direct reading is good enough.  The unit is set up with our signature 12-point calibration service and can be used for force applications such as calibrating Universal Tension Machines (UTM) in accordance with ASTM E4 as well as several other force measuring applications. 

The Morehouse GB2 High Stability "close to" direct reading is an upgrade to our older line of Gauge Buster units.  Software and hardware modifications have been performed to stabilize the existing GB2 unit which makes it suitable for field use in the not so great environments.  These upgrades cut down the unwanted noise and drastically improve stability in airplane hangars, testing facilities, concrete laboratories, and places where the wall outlet power may be wavering.   If you have an older gauge buster with stability issues, or if you want the ease of use of a simple to use display, an upgrade to a Morehouse GB2 High Stability unit may drastically improve your force measurements.


·       Easy to Read Display 

·       ASTM Class A verified range of forces better than 4 % when paired with Morehouse Precision Load Cells

·       Freeze Hold Cable to Capture Readings when using the "following the force" method  

·       Software and Hardware modifications to the original GB2 unit which drastically improves stability and lowers noise 

·       Ability to change units from lbf to N, Kgf.  

·       Easy to change channels between multiple load cells  (typically 5 compression and tension load cells can be set up with any GB2 unit)    

·       Rugged design for use in tough environments 


Note: Most load cells under 120,000 lbf capacity used with the Morehouse GB2 High Stability Indicator will be set up using 12 or more span points and with deadweights accurate to within 0.002 % of the applied force.   Both of these, greatly improve the accuracy of the indicator and reduce the measurement error and bias of most systems with fewer span points.  

Load Input Compatibility

Sensitivity User selectable up to 4.5 mV/V

Excitation 10 Vdc

Accuracy Gauge Buster 2 plus Morehouse Transducer - Better than 0.1% of full scale.  * Overall Accuracy will depend on the type of transducer and the number of span points used during setup.  Morehouse has set up several units with accuracies better than 0.05 % of full scale.  

Resolution 1 part in 8 million (approx.) Sampling Rate Up to 1000 Hz

Display Type 2 line x 16 character x 0.4” h alphanumeric LCD

Power Requirements

Voltage 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

GB2 High Stability Gauge Buster Manual PM-4113.pdf Download