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Field calibration technicians are checking less luggage and walking upright with this lightweight and portable load cell.

With a weight of less than 30 lbs, height of 7 inches, and accuracy of better than 0.02 % of full scale, Morehouse Mini Load Cells are the standard of choice for ultimate portability.

Mini load cells are in stock now!

Morehouse 600,000 lbf Mini Load Cell


Morehouse 600,000 lbf Mini Load Cells was designed for companies making field measurements in accordance with ASTM E4, ISO 7500 and as a reference standard where ultimate portability is preferred. This load cell with top adapter weighs less than 50 lbs. These strain gage type load cells were designed with portability in mind.


600,000 lbf Mini Load Cells feature and usage specifications:


·       Applications where more compact load cells are required

·       ISO 376 standard meeting Class 1 requirements

·       To calibrate to ASTM E4 with an ASTM Class A verified range of forces of better than 8 % or better of capacity.

·       Saves on transportation and extra baggage check-in costs

·       Lightweight and efficient to carry

·       Ideal for masonry machines where height is a concern (12 inches or less) as the masonry head should be kept in the machine for calibration          

600k Mini Load Cells Datasheet PD-2402.pdf Download
High Capacity Multi Column Load Cells Datasheet PD-2401.pdf Download