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With the Morehouse Benchtop Calibrating Machine, you can benefit from a laboratory-grade force calibration system that can sit on any table or desk that can support 150 lbs (75 kgs). Quick-Change Tension adapters, quick-adjust calibration height, and quick setup will save your valuable time when making set-ups. This system provides a fine control that enables calibrating load cells, crane scales, dynamometers, hand-held force gauges, and other force equipment while controlling the force to as little as 0.05 lbf throughout the range. 

Morehouse Benchtop Calibrating Machine

Morehouse Benchtop Calibrating Machine (Model: PCM-10MD-1) was designed with field calibration requirements in mind and with the goal of providing all necessary force calibration tools in a benchtop package (taking up less than 2' x 2' in tabletop space). This calibrator gives you accurate and stable force measurements in a robust and low-maintenance design. The system is equipped with several time-saving features that enable a quality force calibration where limited space is a concern and time is of critical importance. Additionally, with Morehouse continuous support, you can expand the capabilities of this system to accommodate a wider range of force sensors such as shear web load cells, S-type load cells, crane scales, dynamometers, tension links, ring force gauges, button load cells, handheld force gauges, beam load cells, miniature load cells, etc. 


Morehouse Benchtop Calibrating Machine features:

·         Available capacities: 10,000 lbf & 50 kN

·         Tension and compression calibrations in one setup

·         Fine adjustment of the calibration load

·         Under 150 lbs in total weight

·         Takes up less than a 2' x 2' area on a table or workbench   

·         Capable of generating forces from 40 to 10,000 lbf     

·         Adjustable leveling feet   

·         Capable of calibrating handheld force gauges using Morehouse Handheld Force Gauge Adapters

·         Built-in Quick-Change Tension Member to automatic force line alignment 

·         Enlarged calibration space to accommodate large size instruments such as crane scales 

·         Variety of adapters and clevises available to calibrate numerous force instruments on the market 

·         Quick calibration height adjustment

·         Quick reference standard change capabilities

·         Capable of controlling force application as low as 0.05 lbf based on the resolution of the reference standard used

·         Low-maintenance, manual operation system

·         Eliminates safety concerns from carrying and stacking large amounts of weights for calibration 

Morehouse Benchtop Calibrating Machine can be used to calibrate the following force-proving instruments:

Washer Load Cell, Crane Scales, Dynamometers, Tension Links, Universal Load Cell, Low Capacity Load Cell, Miniature Load Cells, Button Load Cell, S-Beam Load Cell, General Purpose Load Cell, Load Cell, Force Transducer, Digital Force Gauges, Hand-Held Force Gauges, Force Gages, and more.