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With accuracies, better than 0.02 % of full scale, Morehouse Low Capacity Load Cells are the economical strain gage based standard of choice for measuring low forces from 2 lbf through 300 lbf.


Common capacities such as 50 & 100 lbf are in stock now!

Morehouse Low Capacity Load Cells


Morehouse Calibration load cells are often the choice for companies making field measurements in accordance with ASTM E74, &ASTM E4, ISO 376 & ISO 7500, and general field measurement which may include checking the force of a production press.


·       Applications where alignment is critical

·       Capacities from 25–300 lbf, or equivalent kgf/Newton

·       Compression and/or tension modes

·       Low profile and more rigid than normal shear web cells, suitable for a wider range of applications

·       To calibrate other load cells or field force systems

·       ISO 376 standard meeting Class 1 or better requirements

·       To calibrate to ASTM E4 with an ASTM Class A verified range of forces of better than 8 % of capacity.

·       Installation into load frames or presses

·       Critical weighing applications, test stands, and wire tension measurement

·       Available accessories such as Quick-Change Tension Members, custom-cut protective cases, various indicators 

Morehouse Low Capacity load cells are the preferred choice for low force applications.

Low Capacity Load Cells Datasheet PD-2701.pdf Download