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With accuracies, better than 0.025 % of full scale, Morehouse Single Load Cells are the standard of choice for those wanting an economical, lighter weight, and universal style load cell.

Some capacities are in stock now; others can be ready in 8-10 weeks.  

Morehouse Single Column Tension and Compression Cells


Morehouse Single-Column Load Cells are available in capacities up to 2,250,000 lbf in compression and 1,000,000 lbf in tension mode. If you require other or special capacities, please visit our Custom Load Cells pageThese strain gage load cells meet the criteria set forth in ASTM E74 as a Class A device with a verified range of forces better than 8 % of capacity. They are often characterized between Class 0.5 and Class 1 according to ISO 376 specification. Single column cells are typically the choice for those wanting portability and easier setups. 


Morehouse Single-Column Load Cells feature:


·       Capacities from 300,000 lbf (1335 kN) - 2,250,000 (10 MN)

·       Available in compression only, or tension & compression

·       Designed for easy handling

·       Calibrated directly by Secondary Standards up to 1,000,000 lbf (4450 kN) in tension and 2,250,000 lbf (10 MN) in compression.

·       ISO 376 standard meeting Class 1 or better requirements

·       To calibrate to ASTM E4 with an ASTM Class A verified range of forces of better than 8 % of capacity.

High Capacity Single-Column Load Cells Datasheet PD-2301.pdf Download