Measuring Torque

February 06, 2017

Article published in Quality Digest written by Henry Zumbrun (Morehouse Instrument Company).

May the Force Be With You

February 06, 2017

Recommended steps for calibrating instruments in accordance with ASTM E74-13a. Published in Quality Digest Online in July 2016

Aircraft Scale Calibration and Measurement Capability Using a Morehouse 804000 Press

February 06, 2017

This paper will describe our calibration process, including the calculations of our Calibration and Measurement Capability(CMC), as it appears on our scope of accreditation.

The Design, Development and Commissioning of a 2kNm Torque Standard Machine

January 02, 2017

This paper describes NPL’s 2 kN·m torque machine — Now at Morehouse Instrument Company — a lever deadweight machine with a vertical torque axis and an uncertainty of ±0.002 %. Despite the greater difficulty in applying torques to a vertically mounted transducer, this design was selected as it enables a symmetric “pure” torque to be applied. In addition, this design provides adaptability, enabling comparisons with the application of asymmetric torque and “on-thefly” torque calibrations to be studied.