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Training Courses Topic Date Price
Force Fundamentals with SPC and Advanced Uncertainty Concepts $1295 Per Person

Postponed until Fall 2020

Morehouse 3.5-day Force and Uncertainty Course Guide PG-9111

NCSLI Regional Presentation April 13, 2016

A2LA Force Presentation March 11, 2016

NASA Tech Briefs Webinar, Oct 28, 2015

Webinar videos

NASA Webinar: Measurement Traceability and Errors Related to Force Measurement

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Calibration System

Load Cell Troubleshooting Tips

Calculating Force Uncertainties Using ASTM E74

Performing Risk Analysis with Method 5 or Method 6

ASTM E74 Explained

The Importance of Adapters for Best Force Calibration Results

ISO 376 Explained

Force Measurement Uncertainty

Measurement Risk and the New ISO 17025 Standard

Best Practices For Force Measurement

Proper Adapters for force measurement

What is Measurement Traceability

Low-Capacity, Low-Cost, High-Value Force Calibrating Machines

Why a 4:1 TUR is not enough: The importance of analyzing the probability of false accept risk

Calibrating aircraft and truck scales

Force Calibration: How to help your customers by providing better force measurements

Webinar Topic Date Price
Force Measurement Questions and Answers Webinar with Henry Zumbrun
90 min

April 30, 2020; 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

This will be an open discussion to address your force measurement challenges.  We can discuss any of a broad range of topics, including calibration procedures, ASTM E74, the proper use of adapters, measurement risk, making better measurements, Test Uncertainty Ratio, Calibration, and Capability Uncertainty, and various other topics.