Morehouse is committed to providing “More” of everything we do.  We have world class primary force and torque standards, which allows us to offer “More” accurate calibrations and lower your measurement uncertainty. “More” precision instruments mean “More” customer confidence.


Morehouse Low Uncertainty

Your measurement uncertainty is directly affected by the standard used to perform the calibration.   Morehouse primary standards have uncertainties that are typically 10 - 50 times better than accredited calibration service suppliers using secondary standards. If you have any questions, or want to request a detailed summary of our products or services, we would like to hear from you. For further information, or to place an order for our accredited force calibration services of load cells, force gauges, torque cells, proving rings, or other force measurement equipment and systems please contact us.

Morehouse Instrument Company can be of service to you with almost a century of experience as a company in force calibration equipment and services. We can help you establish a complete in-house force standards laboratory. We can also provide periodic ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration of your load cells, torque cells, force gauges, proving rings, or other force measuring systems... on instruments from 0.1 LBF (0.5 N) to 2,250,000 LBF (10 MN).  Our lab features deadweight primary standards for calibration up to 120,000 LBF (534 kN) for force calibration, and a primary torque standard (traceable to the SI through NPL) accurate to 0.002 % of applied torque to 17,770 in-lbf (2 kN-m).

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